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Chouette is Tom Daniel,

a second generation Swan Valley Winemaker.

I grew up on a vineyard/winery called Susannah Brook Wines, a family operation started by my folks in the 70's when they planted vines & built a small winery in the Swan. My Dad John still makes micro-batch wine, though most of that fruit goes to Chouette Wine now & everything old is new again.

Chouette manifests a connection of old & new in the Swan Valley through working from our old family winery, using handmade processes & old-vine fruit in WA's oldest wine region, with a distinctly modern perspective on Swan Valley wine that looks to contribute to a new & changing

positive outlook for the region. 

100% Hand picked fruit,

Wild & uninhibited ferments & natural balance

defines the style, with a view to make wine that's alive

with personality, drinkability & deliciousness,

highlighting what Swan Valley fruit can be with a fresh approach.

Like our Block, I also sustainably manage fruit from other Swan vineyards, where Chenin & Grenache is the big focus. The stories of the growers & the personality of the old vineyards of the Swan is a story

I want to help to tell through my wine.

Overlooking where we grow our fruit & I make my wine, 

the Susannah Brook waterway leads to a 

totemic stone megalith sitting up on the hill on the Scarp,  

an ancient Owl Stone - Boyay Gogomat.

Chouette wine is made with deep respect to ancient

& recent cultural memory.  

Chouette has two meanings, it's a noun for 'Owl' & it's French - colloquial for 'Cool',The name reflects the old/wisdom of the Swan & the family roots, with a nod to the new/street & my desire to make fun + cool stuff!   





Chouette Wine may be found in Perth at:


Wise Child, Besk, Commune, The Re. Store, Mane Liquor, Old Bridge Cellars, The Wine Thief, Como Liquor, The Freo Doctor, Boatshed Market,

Liberty Liquors, Devine Cellars, Copper & Oak, Liquor Barons Leederville,

Liquor Shed, Scarborough Cellars 


Patio, Besk, Madalenas, Strange Company, Nieuw Ruin, Jetty, Pep's,

Royal Hotel, St Brigit, Ronnie Nights, Mrs Brown Bar, The Corner Dairy, Mechanics Institute, No Mafia, Foxtrot Unicorn, Skol, Balthazar, Mayfair Lane, Coogee Common, Gordon Street Garage, Wildflower, Vincent Wine,

Percy Flint, Jetty, La Cabana, il Lido, Petition

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