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Chouette is Tom Daniel,

a second generation Swan Valley Winemaker.

I grew up on a vineyard/winery called Susannah Brook Wines, a family operation started by my folks in the 70's when they planted vines & built a small winery in the Swan. My Dad John still makes micro-batch wine, though most of that fruit goes to Chouette Wine now & everything old is new again.

Chouette manifests a connection of old & new in the Swan Valley through working from our old family winery, using handmade processes & old-vine fruit in WA's oldest wine region, with a distinctly modern perspective on Swan Valley wine that looks to contribute to a new & changing

positive outlook for the region. 

100% Hand picked fruit,

Wild & uninhibited ferments & natural balance

defines the style, with a view to make wine that's alive

with personality, drinkability & deliciousness,

highlighting what Swan Valley fruit can be with a fresh approach.

Like our Block, I also sustainably manage fruit from other Swan vineyards, where Chenin & Grenache is the big focus. The stories of the growers & the personality of the old vineyards of the Swan is a story

I want to help to tell through my wine.

Overlooking where we grow our fruit & I make my wine, 

the Susannah Brook waterway leads to a 

totemic stone megalith sitting up on the hill on the Scarp,  

an ancient Owl Stone - Boyay Gogomat.

Chouette wine is made with deep respect to ancient

& recent cultural memory.  

Chouette has two meanings, it's a noun for 'Owl' & it's French - colloquial for 'Cool',The name reflects the old/wisdom of the Swan & the family roots, with a nod to the new/street & my desire to make fun + cool stuff!   





Chouette Wine may be found in Perth at:


Wise Child, Besk, Commune, Crafty Corner, The Re. Store, Mane Liquor,

Old Bridge Cellars, Chateau Guilford, Freo Doctor,  Liberty Liquors,

Devine Cellars, Copper & Oak, Oxford Cellars, Pour People

Scarborough Cellars, Up Wine shop 


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Mayfair Lane, Coogee Common, Wildflower, Percy Flint,

Jetty, Shadow, , Petition, Kuza, Old Youngs

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